Why Leadership is so crucial ?


Survival of the Fittest

To survive in today’s highly competitive market, companies must continuously adapt ,invest and innovate.  The moment a company stops investing in its products ,its  processes and its people, development slows and growth comes to an end. 

As Jack Welch said: “If the speed of change outside is faster than inside the organization, the end is just a matter of time.”

But, to invest wisely, organizations must have a clear vision and sound strategy.

Strategy Management System

To enjoy the “Execution Premium”, Managers must take the strategy out of the boardroom, and turn it into actions. This requires a clear “Strategy Management System” like Balanced Score Card, as result, the level of focus and business alignment becomes so high to the point that it creates a true competitive advantage for the organization.

Employee Involvement 

Since it is impossible to implement a strategy without the full involvement of all employees, especially those who are face to face with customers, managers must have strong leadership skills in order to:

  1. Communicate and convince people.
  2. Make wise and timely decisions.
  3. Solve problems and find solutions. 
  4. Motivate and energize their teams.
  5. Delegate and supervise their subordinates. 
  6. Negotiate professionally. 
  7. Manage stress and mitigate risks.
  8. Respond to people’s resistance to change in an empathetic, non-threatening and persuasive manner.

These skills are also required to boost the effectiveness of sales teams and improve business processes, giving a company the ability to offer its customers an excellent buying experience.

How to Learn the Essential Leadership Skills You Need

Process House has published a set of eight practical workbooks which cover all of the topics listed above.  These workbooks are informative and interactive, giving readers an opportunity to learn through activities and quizzes that are specifically designed to impart essential leadership skills.  Our workbooks are concise, easy to read, and full of helpful illustrations, charts and matrices that are used to further clarify and simplify each concept.

By reading along and performing the activities outlined in each book, you will empower yourself with the skills you need to “Lead with Confidence”.

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